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Команда форума

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It is strictly forbidden on the forum and in the chat room:

  1. Discuss defacements
  2. Create topics with meaningless titles (the title of the topic should reflect the essence of the issue or discussion).
  3. Engage in personal correspondence in thematic sections that is not related to the topic of discussion.
  4. Use foul language, insult users/administration.
  5. Discuss politics / religion / impose your opinions and strange judgments on people.
  6. Sell/buy/exchange information about credit cards and other types of electronic payments, as well as advertise any type of programs (webmani Trojans, exploits, etc.) related to the topic of carding. Sell goods obtained through the use of carding.
  7. Use of the software for illegal purposes. Any public formulation and demonstration of the use of the Software for illegal purposes
  8. Advertise DDOS services. Sell DDOS-bots and services.
  9. Promote crypto services, sell and advertise anything related to viruses.
  10. Distribute links that have the slightest connection to child pornography.
  11. Disseminate information obtained in closed user groups.
  12. Raising old topics with useless and uninformative posts in order to provoke users to reply.
  13. Writing meaningless posts, having a conversation on a topic other than the thread title.
  14. Circumvent the restrictions set by the forum.
  15. Building up a reputation:
    - consensually
    - begging
  16. Have a mass action (flash mob) of banter/jokes by duplicating a post or topic.
  17. Registration of new accounts when the main account is banned and multiple registration in general.
  18. In the sales section you can leave several reviews, but you must provide evidence of each transaction made on the topic, such evidence can be - a screenshot of the product, screenshot of payment or video feedback on a repeated transaction.
  19. Registration on disposable mail is forbidden, the ban is written immediately without discussion.
  20. Spamming on internal community chats is prohibited.
  21. Forced invites by community members are prohibited.
  22. All projects created by community members can advertise their communities freely in general chat, without constant spamming in general chat, this permission is valid only for communities that have not violated the top two rules.
  23. Posting ads in SphereChat without a thread on the forum.
  24. TG GODS/TG EXPERT keys for sale are only allowed for SphereChat users.
  25. Resale of the key (license) without the participation of the official guarantor of the blb team community.
  26. Only customers with a TG GODS/TG EXPERT key are allowed to post commercial threads on the forum
  27. Only customers with a TG GODS/TG EXPERT key are allowed to be in the community.
  28. It is forbidden to advertise other telegram software in our community.
  29. Selling accounts in our community or forum is only allowed under TG GODS/TG EXPERT or the official telegram desktop client.
  30. It is forbidden to publish screenshots from personal correspondence with anyone in the community. (if you want to complain, you can write to the administration or moderators one-on-one).

The topics of pinches, reports, trojans, cryptors and fakes are forbidden on the BlB.team forum!
Such topics will be immediately deleted without warning!

The administration chooses the punishment for breaking the rules itself.

  • Administration does not bear any responsibility for the information distributed on the forum, as well as for the consequences of the use of this information.
  • Remember, by using the information you receive, you take full responsibility for your actions.
  • The administration has the right to request a software key or other information confirming the existence or purchase of a license.


The basis of our forum is friendliness, mutual understanding, mutual assistance and freedom of communication.
Remember that those who sit on the other side of the monitor are people just like you, with their own flaws and strengths.
Respect each other and remember, politeness can do much more than outrage.
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