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How to monetise Telegram Expert


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I apologize in advance for errors and possible omissions, your humble servant at the time of writing has been on his feet for more than 32 hours and is dreaming of dreams of sleep, strong and long.... But this is no time to be discouraged! Articles will not write themselves, and useful information will not deliver itself.

P.S. This is the first article in the series, we will go from simple to complex, I think that many of these methods you already know, or at least you have heard of them.

There is a bonus at the end of the article)

I was prompted to write this series by a lot of questions, especially from those who have lost their established income chains and are looking for new ones. I really hope these articles will help you.

And so let's get started! 🤗

Freelance style:

Actually the search for clients we will skip in the whole article, as it is already in the above mentioned topics. And go to the list of services that can be offered by means of Telegram Expert. And so -

- Telegram subscribers.
- Telegram views
- Recruiting reactions (especially popular topic at the moment, which no one has not yet realized except for manual work or recruiting telegram soft).
- Voting scrambling, analog of point 3
- Recruitment of referrals into bots
- Parsing the audience (Still very much in demand in the market) especially parsing for example writing in the chat telegram
- Sending messages to PMs, in general, always relevant niche.
- Sending messages to chats (just be careful not to go into the minus)
- Invite to groups or channels
- Checking numbers
- Instant filling of channels with the "Channel Cloner" module
- Warming up a chat or emulating chat life with the "Chat Cloner" module
- Destruction of channels/chats/bots/Users (Be careful when providing such services without experience, you can get quite a bit of trouble)
- Autoresponder
I specifically did not list such things as spoiling statistics on tgstat by recruiting subscribers, followed by mass unsubscribes. And so on, but your ideas can be mentioned in the comments. We will be very happy to do so.

Where to get prices for these services?

Prices you can take as from the search through Google, I think to tell you how to do it there is no point. But how to specify prices for services that are not in the search will tell you. As a rule, for such services can not weakly bend prices, especially if you are not working on Russian-speaking sites, on American forums pay many times more than in the ru segment, but here you need to be able to work with foreigners.

A few hints on how best to conduct your business.

- Try to follow the feedback in your topic
- Be polite
- Try to place where there is less competition
- Do not take an order if you are not sure that you can fulfill it on time and in accordance with the agreements.
- Ask your clients to write back about the successful completion of the order and attach prufs.
- Try to occupy the foreign market, it has a lot less competitors and you will be easier to get the best customers under you.
- Immediately get yourself a number of popular payments, such as kiwi, yandex money, crypto (bitcoin, ether, monero, usdt).
- I'll add a scary thing, but share your orders. This is really useful, as you can get a percentage and in addition will strengthen your connections in the circle of the same mailers as you, and maybe a particularly large order in return will be thrown to you.

The introductory topic turned out to be very short, but I tried to make it the most succinct and useful. I hope that it will help beginners to find new sources of income.

P.S.. We are also planning to hold a large contest with cases and prizes. Write what bonuses for participation and prizes for winning you would like to get. We read everything carefully and try to take into account your wishes.

Thank you all who have read to the end, I hope for your response!)