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Module "Channel Cloner" Telegram Expert

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This module allows you to create a full copy of any Telegram channel. The module clones even protected content.
The module clones all content from your desired channel, including any media files (Photos, Videos, Audio, etc.).


1. Select the type of channel you want to clone, "private" or "public"


If the channel type is "Private", you should specify the link to join this channel in point 2.
If the channel type is "Public", we continue without specifying the link to join.


1. Specify the link to the post from the channel from which you want to clone the selected channel. Cloning of the channel will start from the specified and up to the last published post on the channel
2. Specify a link to the channel you want to clone (Channel - clone), where posts from the specified channel will be published.
3. Specify the delay between published posts to the channel. It is specified from and to. A random value from the specified range will be taken between each post
4. If the account catches flooding and if it is up to the specified value, the account waits for it to end and continues. If the flood is above the specified value, the software will stop the account (You can leave the default value of 500)
5. Select the account to be cloned. The selected account must be in your channel, which will be published and have the ability to publish posts in it (To do this, give this channel administrator rights in the chat settings with the right to publish posts in it).


1. It is possible to replace words in forwarded posts, this option is enabled for this purpose. Once it is enabled, there are instructions on how to replace and how to specify the list of words to replace and what to replace them with
2. If this option is enabled, the case of letters will be taken into account

After setting up, click "Start" and the software will perform the task of cloning the specified channel into your channel.​