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Гайд Sphere.Chat | Registration instructions + Mobile version

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Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Linux!
1. Register via the web version at https://Sphere.Chat . (do not forget to save the encryption keys in the settings after registration, login and password.). The key during registration is entered from the software
2. Go to PlayMarket or AppStore and the Element app on the PC - Link
3. Find the Element app, download and install it.
4. Log in to the server "matrix.sphere.chat" enter login and password.
5. Immediately after registration you have access to all rooms for communication + channels with news, they will be in the list of your rooms.
6. Next you need to verify/confirm your new session that is open through Element using either the session from the web version, or the encryption keys you issued

Sphere registration video -
(It is possible to include subtitles in the language you need).